Travel planning:
When organizes bus trips, always keep in mind the rules of law, in terms of working and driving times for bus drivers, the planning of the trip circuit must be in reference to the conditions laid down in Regulation n. 561/2006.
Requests for Budget-requirements:
Elements of the client;
Date and time of beginning and end of the service;
Itinerary: place of origin, destination and intermediate stops;
Purpose of the service;
Other relevant character information for the service;

Submission of Proposal-Includes:
Budget effected on the basis of data provided by the client (subsequent amendments subject to updating values);
Travel costs of the vehicle and driver to the route in question;
Car and driver costs in empty;
Cost of tolls and parks, unless exceptions to indicate;
VAT at the rate in force on the national territory (6%)

Proposal validity and Booking conditions:
Proposal valid for 60 days.
The acceptance by the customer is valid only after the proposal is signed and returned by the customer.
The booking confirmation has yet to accept the n / part acceptance which is subject to availability of vehicle to the requested date, only becoming effective with our response the same way.
If at the time of booking the company does not have own vehicle, to perform the service in question, may use subcontracting service, ensure equivalent conditions to the proposal.

The payment of the transport service must be made by the date specified in the respective proposal, considering the payment only upon receipt;

Overtime will be charged whenever the scheduled duration of the term of the service is not fulfilled.

Expenses of drivers:
The expenditure (s) driver (s) such as meals and accommodation are paid by the customer, unless otherwise indicated.

2nd Conductor:
Where the service exceeds the duration of 15hours, 10hours or 4h30hours driving, or driving without a break of 45minutes, it will be considered a 2nd driver with its supplement.

Cancellation of booking:
The cancellation of the reservation made previously implies cancellation charges based on the price agreed.

Where there is a delay attributable to the carrier, it will endeavor to minimize its effects;
In situations of delays caused by others, such as accidents, construction and weather conditions, the carrier will have no liability;

Replacement of vehicle:
If the vehicle suffers damage in transit, which can not be resolved in time (2:30hours) for the onward journey, the company will seek another vehicle to replace it.

Damaged Equipment:
It is the responsibility of the contractor for any damages caused to the vehicle by passengers contracted.

The company is responsible for luggage under the law. Namely loss or damage caused by the
vehicle during transport.
The carriage of baggage to and from the bus is the responsibility of the passenger.

Lost / Found:
The company and the driver are not responsible for any items missing or left in the vehicle, however the objects found in the vehicle are the company's custody for 90 days, and the same be claimed and raised by the respective owner.

The vehicles have passenger liability insurance in the amount of € 50 million in accordance with the legislation in force, covering any physical damage to the passenger inside the vehicle during the trip.

Driving times and driver rest:
When organizing your bus trips, always take into account the legal standards in terms of working hours and driving for bus drivers, as required by Regulation 561/2006;
- The daily range of driving (from the beginning until the end of the driver's working day) is 13 hours;
- 9:00 a.m. is the effective daily driving limit (10.00 twice a week);
- A 4:30 a.m. driving period requires a 45-minute break can be continuous or divided into two minimum intervals of 15 and 30 minutes respectively;
- The daily rest the driver is 11h00 (9:00 a.m. three times a week);
- In case of hire lasting more taxes legal limits, hiring second driver being the client responsible for the increased cost of the same is required.
- Failure to comply with the legal hourly provisions by the customer involves immobilizing the bus, and the customer's responsibility to passengers for travel to the destination, as well as all costs related to the detention of the bus, to the company.
- Failure to comply with the rules has legal implications for the shipping company, but also to the entity that organizes (client).
- The client still has the rights and duties provided by law, under applicable law and available for the vehicle.
- Weekly rest: after six days of daily driving.

It may only be considered provided they are presented in writing to the company within a period not exceeding 20 days from the date of service. The information can only be accepted if they have previously been affiliated to the driver or guide and during the trip.

Rights and obligations of the Operator, Personnel and Passenger:
In addition to taxes the good practices, are all provided for in Decree Law No. 9/2015, of 15 January, which properly meet affixed to the vehicle for consultation, of which highlights, for passenger safety:
- The passenger must have appropriate identification document (passport or citizen card).
- The use of seat belts is mandatory;
- It is forbidden to walk on foot when the vehicle is entered in motion;
- Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle;
- It is forbidden to bring large volumes in the vehicle;
- As a matter of hygiene and safety should not eat or drink inside the vehicle.

In case of dispute:
According to Law no. 0144/2015, in case of dispute the consumer can use the Entity Consumer Dispute Resolution Alternative - CNIACC, via email:
For more information see the Consumer Portal -

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